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Made to order bags We manufacture custom bags in leather or fabric. Handmade bag made out of authentic fabrics which were e.g. used in Porsche or Mercedes-Benz models or in full leather with Alcantara inlet and handmade zippers from Switzerland. We manufacture a unique bag in your desired configuration. The current manufacture time is at […]

Leather tray

Hantritt leather tray

Made to order leather tray Unique leather trays are manufactured using original classic cars lining fabrics and leather of your choice. We manufacture our leather tray in two different sizes. Production time is 1 to 2 weeks after we received your request with the fabric and leather option. The leather tray starts at 250€ depending on the fabrics, […]


Made to order pillow The custom Hantritt® pillow is 100% handmade in Hamburg, Germany with your favourite fabric in the following dimensions of 50x50cm & 50x30cm The pattern runs perfectly and the zippers are hidden to not disturb the beautiful course of the pattern. You can choose out of countless fabrics. You ask us if […]

Key fob

Custom made Hantritt key fob

Made to order key fobs The Hantritt key fob is made with finest Italian or Austrian leather and the fabric which Porsche and Mercedes-Benz used in their classic models.  The key fobs are fully handmade by Justin Placek, interior specialist for Porsche in the gallery in Hamburg, Germany. We create your very own one.  Leather and fabric is holding together with a […]

Bespoke driver jacket

Bespoke Driver Jackets In the Bespoke line, we make your own last and design from scratch. We also accept requests for materials and detailed specifications for each small part. The first process of bespoke line is to take the measurement of your upper boby and make a trial fitting garment to check the fitting and […]