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Made to order leather tray

Unique leather trays are manufactured using original classic cars lining fabrics and leather of your choice. We manufacture our leather tray in two different sizes.

Production time is 1 to 2 weeks after we received your request with the fabric and leather option. The leather tray starts at 250€ depending on the fabrics, finishings & size.

Materials +

You can choose one of five leather colors (black, dark green, dark blue, cognac or brown) and the lining fabric and we manufacture your true luxury leather jacket in our gallery in Hamburg, Germany. One professional tailor is manufacturing the whole jacket to ensure a consistent and perfect quality on every centimeter.



How to Order +

1. Reservation Please contact us via email (info@hantritt.com) or at the contact form below for an appointment. We also welcome a tour of the workshop so please feel free to contact us.

2. Taking measurements & defining finishings At the workshop, we take your measurements and have a discussion about jacket design, materials and specifications.

3. Contract We send you an order sheet via email that summarizes the contents of the discussion as well as payment link. You can choose the payment method from bank transfer, credit card, and cash.

4. Handing over trial garment At the workshop, we hand over trial shoes, which are simply made to check the fitting and design.

5. Final fitting check After wearing the trial jacket several times, we ask you to visit the workshop again to hear about the experience.

6. Delivery of finished garment The finished jacket to be handed over at the workshop.


You choose the leather color and the fabric we are using for the lining. The possibilities are nearly unlimited.

How to Order

1. Reservation Please contact us via email (info@hantritt.com) or at the contact form below for an appointment. You can also send a dm over Instagram.

2. Leather color & fabric You let us know which leather color and fabric you like to go for. 

3. Confirmation We send you a picture of the materials we are going to use like leather color, stitching color and the chosen fabric, you confirm and we send you the invoice.

You can choose the payment method from bank wire transfer, Paypal and cash.

Contact us

For an appointment or enquire about our products, please feel free to contact us per the form below.